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Closing days 2017-2018

Juledag/Christmas Day                                               Monday  25-Dec-17
Juledag/Christmas Day                                               Tuesday  26-Dec-17
Nytårsdag/ New Year’s Day                                       Monday  01-Jan-18
Påskedag/ Easter Monday                                         Monday  02-Apr-18
Påskedag (ortodoks)/ Easter Monday (Eastern)    Monday  09-Apr-18
Eid Al Filter (expected)                                               Monday  11-Jun-18
Eid Al Filter (expected)                                               Tuesday  12-Jun-18
Adha Day (expected)                                                  Monday  20-Aug-18
Adha Day (expected)                                                  Tuesday  19-Aug-18
Juleaftens dag/ Christmas Eve                                 Monday  24-Dec-18
Juledag/ Christmas Day                                             Tuesday  25-Dec-18
2. juledag/ Second Day of Christmas                      Wednesday 26-Dec-18
Nytårsaften/ New Year’s Eve                                    Monday  31-Dec-18

NB: Eid Al-Adha and Al-Fitter are subject to the moon and may differ from the stated date.