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        Development of Area C in the West Bank - baseline study of 8 sub-                         projects funded by Denmark - Palestine

The Danish Representative Office in Ramallah is inviting qualified consulting firms located in Palestine to provide proposals in response to

RFP: 2015-39196/104.Pal.54-02

"Development of Area C in the West Bank - Baseline Study of 8 sub-projects funded by Denmark – Palestine."

Previously interested parties that have applied to receive the RFP are encouraged to re-submit.


Background for Requesting Proposal
DANIDA is currently channeling funds through the European Union (EU) to support the construction of basic infrastructure, including community-based projects as well as small-scale and social infrastructure development in Area C of the West Bank. This engagement is in response to EU Foreign Affairs Council Conclusions of May 2012.

Area C constitutes over 60 per cent of the West Bank, and contains the most significant land reserves available for Palestinian development that also constitutes the bulk of Palestinian agricultural and grazing land. It is also home to over 200 Palestinian communities, many of whom are disadvantaged being herding and Bedouin communities. Israel strictly limits Palestinian construction and development in this area, and prohibits Palestinians from building on some 70% of Area C by declaring such areas as state land, firing zones, national parks, etc. which combined with other restrictions leaves only 1% of Area C made available for Palestinian spatial development.

Thus and based on DANIDA's thematic objective for the Development of Area C in the West Bank, "local communities are better able to sustain their livelihoods in Area C through improved access to basic services and infrastructure", a new approach for project implementation in Area C has been applied by the EU based on the development of local statutory outline plans or the so-called master plans, which are based on Israeli legislation. These outline plans are formulated through a socially inclusive and participatory process in which the PA (with the support of international Funding Partners) has assisted local Palestinian communities in Area C in identifying their priorities and needs over the next 20 years. With approvals pending often for several years by Israeli Authorities, the EU and PA have agreed that a local statutory outline plan will be considered as tacitly approved, if no major objection has been raised by the ICA within 18 months following the submission of the plan to the ICA by the village councils. The implementation of the priority infrastructures may start once a plan has been i) formally approved by the Israel authorities, or ii) considered as tacitly approved as per above stipulation.

Through the EU, Denmark provides supports of EUR2 million towards the implementation of sub-projects in 8 localities. Sub-projects have been selected from the local statutory outline plans based on pre-determined, objective criteria, with a focus on covering the basic services for the target communities such as rehabilitation/construction of water networks, roads construction and rehabilitation, building schools/ adding classrooms and improving electricity services.


To compile reliable and accurate baseline data on the above-mentioned 8 localities in Area C, where the 9 sub-projects funded by DANIDA will be implemented.


The assignment shall consist of primary data collection and the review of available secondary sources. All data collected by the "Consultant" should be gender disaggregated, where possible.


30 working days


To Receive the Request for Proposal (RFP)

Applicants must request from the Programme Manager a copy of the standard RFP form for submitting the RFP. Applicants who fail to do so may be rejected.

Kindly contact the Programme Manager to receive the RFP Form:

Contact Point

Saïd Omar




Mobile number

+972 54 954 4212

Main Criteria for qualifying to receive the RFP Application:

  • The applying Firm must be formally registered and located in Palestine.

Deadline for Receiving and Submitting the RFP:

  • Deadline for receiving a copy of the RFP is by 3pm on Thursday 27 April 2017.
  • Deadline for submitting the completed RFP is by 12:30pm on Friday 5 May 2017.


Criteria for Award of Contract:

  • As stated in the Request for Proposal.
  • Interested Participant(s) must fill out Section 4 of the RFP stating the Firm’s official registered name, address and contact information in Palestine.


Proposals must be delivered electronically in PDF format to Proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected.