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Parliamentary election in Greenland 24 April 2018

22.03.2018  14:52

The self-government of Greenland has informed that the parliamentary / Inatsisartut election in Greenland will take place on 24 April 2018.

Citizens, who are entitled to vote in the parliamentary election in Greenland, may cast their vote at the Danish Representative Office in Ramallah until 5 April 2018, to ensure that the vote will be received in Greenland no later than 24 April 2018.

The right to vote in the parliamentary election in Greenland accrues to anyone, who at the election date

  • has turned 18
  • has Danish citizenship
  • and has had permanent residence in Greenland for at least 6 months prior to the election date

Persons, who do not have permanent residence in Greenland, still have the right to vote at the parliamentary election, if they prior to moving have been registered in the population register in Greenland for at least two years and

  • stay outside Greenland for educational purposes
  • stay outside Greenland on health grounds
  • stay in Denmark while carrying out their job as Members of Parliament elected in Greenland
  • or stay abroad as representatives of the self-government of Greenland

Opening hours of the Danish Representative Office in Ramallah: Monday - Thursday 09.00-15.00 and Friday 09.00-12.00.

Remember your identity card or passport.

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