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Danish Representative Ran for Right to Movement

30.03.2015  13:58
A small delegation from the Representative Office of Denmark in Ramallah participated in the third annual Palestine Marathon, which took place in Bethlehem on Friday the 27th of March.

”It is an important cause and as a representative of Denmark I’m proud of the role Danes have had in organizing this annual event, which has already attracted attention worldwide,” said Anders Tang Friborg, Head of Mission.

Around 3000 people ran through Aida refugee camp and along the eight-meter high concrete wall, which cuts through Bethlehem illustrating the restrictions in movement faced by Palestinians, which the marathon seeks to showcase.

Organized by 'Right to Movement', a running organization founded by two Danish women, the race received large Danish support. Hundreds of Danes were among the runners including eight members of the Danish parliament from four different centre and left-wing parties.

Winner of this year’s marathon was the Palestinian Olympic athlete from Gaza, Nader Al-Masri. It was the first time Palestinians from Gaza were able to participate in the Bethlehem event and 41 men and women had made the around 100-kilometre journey from the small strip.

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