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For World Water Day 2015 Danish Representative Visited Vulnerable School in Area C

17.04.2015  10:52
To mark the World Water Day on March 23, the Danish Head of Mission and a number of international and Palestinian representatives visited Al Tira school in Area C, Ramallah governorate.


The visit was coordinated by the Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (EWASH) group, together with Secours Islamique France (SIF) and Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC), two international humanitarian NGOs implementing water and sanitation projects in the occupied Palestinian territory. The event  aimed at showing the water challenges faced by schools and communities in Area C of the occupied West Bank.
“Water for sustainable development – the theme of this year’s World Water Day – is a far cry from the realities these communities face,” said Camilla Corradin from the EWASH Advocacy Task Force.
At the school, representatives from France, Germany, Italy, and Egypt, together with a number of Palestinian officials witnessed first-hand the lack of safe and reliable access to water and sanitation for the school’s 200 students.
“A visit like this to Al Tira school is important to understand the daily realities facing many Palestinians in the West Bank,” said Anders Tang Friborg: “The average amount of water available to Palestinians per day is well below WHO’s recommended minimum standard. The challenges the students face a place like here clearly illustrate this critical problem.”
EWASH is a coalition of 28 organisations working in the water and sanitation sector in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

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