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UN Member States Agree on New Global Agenda for Sustainable Development

14.08.2015  09:13
On 2 August, all of UN’s 193 member states agreed on a new global agenda for sustainable development following two years of negotiations.

The agenda and the 17 new sustainable development goals will replace the 8 Millenium Development Goals, which expire this year and follow up on the Rio conferences on sustainable development. The new agenda illustrates that economic growth and fighting poverty goes hand in hand with sustainable development and that all countries must contribute to this end both globally and nationally.

The agenda will be approved at the UN summit on 25 - 27 September under the Danish presidency of UN’s General Assembly.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen says:

“It is encouraging, that all the countries of the world are now prepared to adopt goals for the global development, which combine the fight against poverty with taking care of our climate and environment. I am very pleased that central Danish priorities such as gender equality, environment and climate and human rights are reflected in the final document, which we look forward to approving under the Danish presidency at UN General Assembly in September.”

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