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Palestinian School Gets 'New' Used Furniture

26.03.2015  13:52
There was great excitement at the Al-Qubeiba Girls School Monday as a truck of desks and chairs arrived as a donation from the Representative Office of Denmark in Ramallah.

After the mission had received new furniture, a staff member suggested to donate the old desks and chairs to a place in need.

”The Palestinian Authority struggle to pay for even the basic running costs. Furniture is therefore not a priority and teachers didn’t even have their own desks,” said Khaled Azmi Mansour, programme manager at the Danish mission: “This kind of seemingly small donation therefore actually makes a big difference.”

The 180 students and 14 teachers of the small public elementary school in the village Al-Qubeiba located in the outskirts of Jerusalem immediately put the new furniture into use in the school’s six small class rooms.

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