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Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal: Israel's Reactions are Illegal

05.12.2012  11:58

03.12.2012 09:58  

On Friday, the Israeli government decided to expand the construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and the West bank. The decision was made as a direct consequence of the UN General Assembly vote, which granted Palestine non-member observer-state status in the UN.  

The Foreign Minister has stated the following in this regard:  

“Israel’s decision to punish President Abbas and the Palestinian Authorities with more illegal settlements is saddening and harmful. The decision makes it difficult to see coherence between the claimed goal of Israel to achieve a two-state solution and a political will to implement it. EU and Denmark has consistently stressed that all Israeli settlement activities on Palestinian land are illegal according to International Law and poses a hindrance for a peaceful solution. I therefore repeat my call to both parties that they resume negotiations on a two-state solution, and I call for Israel not to go through with the announced settlement activities or take other measures, which will complicate the resumption of negotiations.”  

This is an unofficial translation of the original press release in Danish. Please find the original here: