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The Danish International Development Agency, Danida, is part of the Danish Foreign Ministry and is responsible for administrating Denmark’s bilateral and multilateral development assistance.

Denmark has maintained a strong and continuous engagement with Palestine since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993 and 1995.


The Denmark-Palestine Bilateral Development programme 2021-2025, with a budget of DKK 450 million, replaces the Denmark-Palestine Country Programme 2016-2020 and is an integral part of Denmark’s overall relations with Palestine as set out in the Denmark – Palestine Strategic Framework 2021-2025. The strategic vision of Denmark’s engagement in Palestine for the period 2021-2025 is to; support a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the realisation of a two-state solution, while also striving to promote stability in the region and improving the lives of Palestinians, who are caught in the conflict.


This vision will be promoted through three strategic objectives, in line with key national development objectives of Palestine, as expressed in Palestine’s National Development Plan (NDP 2021-2023), and Danish political priorities:


1. Human rights and democratic accountability. A particular focus will be on enhancing state-citizen interaction as well as empowering rights holders to claim their human rights, and duty bearers to fulfil their human rights obligations.


2. Creation of green, sustainable, inclusive economic growth and decent jobs with a particular focus on women and youth.


3. Resilience, peace and stability. Strengthen resilience of the most vulnerable groups in Palestine to contribute to peace and stability and enable them to uphold a life in dignity where their home is and with the hope for a better future. In this context, women and youth are agents of change in increasing resilience and stability.


Through Danida, Denmark also continues to provide assistance to the more than 5 million Palestinian refugees through UNRWA and to support the humanitarian interventions of a large number of Danish NGOs.

The Denmark-Palestine Bilateral Development programme 2021-2025 summary.