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About us

The Danish Representation was opened in Jericho in 1994, and moved to Ramallah in 1998. 

The overall political objective of the Danish engagement in Palestine is to support a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the realisation of a two-state solution, while also striving to promote stability in the region and improving the lives of Palestinians, who are caught in the conflict. 
The Representation provides the Danish Government with analyses and advice related to the political, economic and social development, including on the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. It is also responsible for Denmark's humanitarian and development assistance in Palestine. The main focus areas are:
  1. Human rights and democratic accountability
  2. Green, sustainable, inclusive economic growth and decent jobs
  3. Resilience, peace and stability: and
  4. Humanitarian assistance, including support for UNRWA
Denmark works closely with a number of international likeminded donors, the European Union, UN organisations and local partners.
The Representation offers consular services to Danes in Palestine. 
Since July 2020, Schengen visa for Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, are processed at the Danish Consulate General in Dubai. Inquiries must therefore be addressed to either the Danish Consulate-General in Dubai at [email protected] or to VFS Global in Palestine at [email protected]
The Representation continues to process long-term residence and work permits. Inquiries should be addressed to the Representation at [email protected] or VFS Global at [email protected].