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Closing days 2019

New Year's Day                                             Tuesday 1-jan-19
Staff seminar (only from 9am to 1pm)      Wednesday 27-Mar-19
Easter Monday                                               Monday 22-apr-19
Easter Monday                                               Monday 29-apr-19
Labour Day                                                     Wednesday 1-may-19
Eid al-Fiter (expected)                                  Wednesday 5-jun-19      
Eid al-Fiter (expected)                                  Thursday 6-jun-19
Adha day (expected)                                    Monday 12-aug-19
Adha day (expected)                                    Tuesday 13-aug-19
Staff seminar                                                  Monday 7-oct-19
Office closed 10:00am-1:30pm                 Wednesday 13-nov-19
Christmas Holiday                                         Monday 23-dec-19
Christmas Holiday                                         Tuesday 24-dec-19
Christmas Holiday                                         Wednesday 25-dec-19  
New Year's Eve                                               Tuesday 31-dec-19

NB: Eid al-Adha and al-Fiter are subject to the moon and may differ from the stated date.